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pesto grilled cheese

I fantasized about grilled cheese from day one in Costa Rica, and I wanted to make my first one great.


Ingredients (1 sandwich):

2 slices bread

butter as desired, ~1 tbsp

3 tbsp. spinached-up pesto

1/2 mozzarella ball, sliced

handful baby spinach

handful sun-dried tomatoes


I used fresh whole grain bread from our favorite bakery, which made the sandwich even more delicious!

Note that you may have to rehydrate the tomatoes, which I did by soaking them in very hot water for 2 minutes. The container should tell you what to do.

First, I heated my pan to about medium-high heat. This probably varies by stove. My brother took my griddle to school (convenient), but I have found that 375F is the perfect temperature for grilled cheese if you have a way to set it.


I wasn’t sure how to start without making too much of a mess, but it seemed easiest to spread pesto on one slice of bread and butter the other. I then put the buttered bread in the pan, spread the pesto on it quickly, and layered the mozzarella cheese on top of the pesto. Ta daaaa.


Next up, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.


I then put the pesto-ed bread down on top of the sun-dried tomatoes and pressed it down hard so that everything would stick together. I quickly put a light layer of butter on the top, then flipped it.


After just a few minutes on each side, I had a melty, delicious grilled cheese!



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